Mieux Ensemble was born in the midst of a storm. In the heart of a global pandemic where the light at the end of the tunnel seemed dim. Three friends from different walks of life, all equipped with a special talent were brought together during this trying time through a series of creative endeavours. From colleagues to co-founders, we spent ample time passing work along to each other until we realized that we could accomplish way more together. Our equal contributions allow us to orchestrate the ultimate creative composition.


Monica Robinson

Co Founder, Creative Director

“Don’t worry about being successful but work hard toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.”

Monica is a multidimensional creative and community service advocate hailing from the soulful city of Macon, GA. Whether she is creative directing or developing out-of-box strategies, she is always doing so rooted in truth. Through her art, Monica inspires others to be undefined, unapologetic, and intentional in all that they do. Her innate instinct to grab the reins and take head towards results is why she is the only woman for the job. Her dedication and determination to always be a positive asset contributes to not only her own success but the success of those around her. Monica’s history in corporate marketing for major national brands gives her the scope needed to service any project put on her plate. As ⅓ of Mieux Ensemble, Monica holds the creative genius that keeps the wheels turning.


Breanna Sumner

Co Founder, Director of Brand Strategy

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

As the ultimate creative strategist, Bree is equal parts passion and perseverance. She is an analytical thinker with a knack for cultural insight and an endless desire to establish and nurture genuine relationships. Her strengths lie in research, strategic planning, and brand partnerships. Bree’s passions encompass these in the world’s of marketing and community outreach. Her experience in the field stretches from fortune 500 to local small businesses, providing the perfect balance. As ⅓ of Mieux Ensemble, Bree is the glue that connects us with you.


Kenley Duke

Co Founder, Creative Coordinator

“The only way to, is through.”

Kenley is a natural born storyteller with a keen eye for cultivating authentic content. Her background in psychology, filmmaking, and commercial advertising fueled her passion for writing and producing. From the seven cities to the A, Kenley has paved her way in the industry by serving the creative community as a production assistant turned executive assistant, turned producer. As she stayed the course, her path aligned with major studio networks, commercial clientele, and global editorial platforms. As ⅓ of Mieux Ensemble, Kenley leads the content production division, with grace, grit and a good time.